Zoom Diary of Events June – July 2020

 Friday 19th June “Is COVID racist?” A panel talk with Magid Magid

6pm to 7pm A Migration Matters Festival event

With the current Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affecting black and ethnic minority lives, join Former Sheffield Lord Mayor and MEP Magid Magid, NHS doctor and campaigner Dr Sonia Adesara, NHS worker and BAFTA winner Hassan Akkad to explore the relationship between government policy, healthcare and institutionalised discrimination within today’s society. Brought to you in partnership with Stand up to Racism.

Ticketing & Registration: This event will include a Q&A, which is only available to those attending via Zoom. If you would like to reserve your place, please use the button below.


Saturday 20th June  Virtual Orgreave Rally

1pm Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign Rally


Every year the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign hold a wonderful, vibrant rally at Orgreave to commemorate the day Striking Miners were brutalised by police at the Orgreave Coking plant on 18th June 1984. This gives us all an opportunity to meet and show solidarity with comrades and friends and gather together with our magnificent display of banners and placards.

Our campaign for truth and justice this year is commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Miners’ Strike and the events at Orgreave. Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions and the lockdown mean that we need to hold our Annual Rally online to keep us all safe.


The Tory response to this pandemic shows us more than ever that we need to continue to campaign together to do what we can to put pressure on the Tories, who continue with their arrogance, contempt, evasion and lies, and do not care for workers and ordinary people. Please help us and support our call for a Public Inquiry for Truth and Justice and listen to speeches from other campaigns fighting for Truth and Justice.

GET INVOLVED: Please also send photos to us of you at our previous rallies and events or send a recent photo of you wearing one of our T shirts or wearing our hats and badges or holding a banner or placard, so that we can post the images online to show your support and solidarity.

SPEAKERS include:
Chris Kitchen: General Secretary NUM
Eileen Turnbull: Shrewsbury 24 Campaign
Sheila Coleman: Hillsborough Justice Campaign
Jan Cunliffe: JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association)
Lee Fowler: Blacklisting Support Group
Judy Bolton and Yvette Williams: Justice4Grenfell
Kevin Horne: Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Sal Young: NHS Worker and GMB Branch Secretary

Compères: Chris Peace and Joe Rollin: Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

MUSIC: UNITE Brass Band and PCS Samba Band

Saturday 20th June Peoples Assembly Activist School

1pm to 4pm.

This is such a great opportunity to get supporters energised and equipped with new skills.  We’ll have a combination of inspirational speakers and practical workshops. Here’s the link to the event to include on your Facebook and in newsletters


And post the session, for local planning and action, please contact – Carrie – hedderwickc@gmail.com      Les – wrayleslie@gmail.com   Geoff – geoffreyturner0@gmail.com

Saturday June 20  Class Politics After Covid-19: Tribune at Arise Festival.

3pm – Labour Assembly Against Austerity
Register here – Facebook event here – Retweet here to spread the word.
With: Richard Burgon MP // Amy Fletcher, local NEU rep & Secondary School Teacher) // Andrew Murray, author The Fall & Rise of the British Left // Faisal Yousif, a foundation doctor & BMA activist.
Register here – Facebook event here – Retweet here to spread the word.

Monday June 22 – The Cause of Ireland is the Cause of Labour – Lessons of the Irish General Election.

7pm With Mairéad Farrell TD // Ronan Burtenshaw, Tribune // Rachel O’Brien, London Young Labour. Register here https://labourassemblyagainstausterity.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ffb9a535469ed99e826f0393&id=eed04baed7&e=0e721ea24c      Organised by Labour Assembly Against Austerity

Wednesday 24th June ITUC Day of Action on Climate Change

Sharon Burrow General Secretary of International TUC has called a day of Action on climate change. See website for more details https://www.ituc-csi.org/cepow

Sheffield Climate Umbrella group are planning action – we will disseminate when we have received them

Are you ready to climate and employment proof your work? Then follow these simple steps:

Sign up to get updates about the Global Day of Action.

Download the “Climate and Employment Proof our Work” guide. Get your Global Day of Action campaign pack for all the information and tools on this campaign.

Tell us about your job. Send us a photo of you at work that may be at home, in your office, or out on the job and tell us what you do. Let us know if you are worried about climate change affecting your job.

Ask to talk to your employer, a local business or someone from your local or national government on 24 June. Let us know if you ask for a meeting, and we will keep a tally of all places around the world taking part in the Global Day of Action. Your meeting can be in person or a virtual meeting using an online platform like Skype, Teams, Whats App, Zoom.

Tell us how it went. Share a photo of you in person or virtual meeting and the highlights of what was discussed.

Hungry to do more? There are a number of ways to get involved:

Spread the word: get your friends, colleagues, unions involved in the Global Day of Work Action! Stick up a poster IN YOUR HOME OR at your workplace or post a sharegraphic on social media and use the hashtag #CEPOW.

#CEPOW poster maker: Show others that you’re part of the global conversation to Climate- and Employment-Proof Our Work with our customisable poster. 1. Choose your language; 2. Make your own poster – you can personalise your poster with up to four photos – one of yourself, your colleagues and friends who are taking action with you and your union logo; 3. Share it on social media with the hashtag #CEPOW.

 Wednesday 24th June “Shadow World” screening with Q/A with Lowkey and others

1830hrs Stop the War. A one-off chance to see this celebrated feature length investigation into the multi-billion dollar international arms trade.



Wednesday 24th June Brazil, Bolsonaro & the Coronavirus Catastrophe  – with Jeremy Corbyn & Dilma Rousseff 7pm

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brazils-coronavirus-catastrophe-with-jeremy-corbyn-dilma-rousseff-tickets-108543699126?fbclid=IwAR2FfO6CDbWJdmpUQFWzR5EpHt9z6Z4CmW9wjEyEG1dd5NggTKgF3lh8obA

Join this important solidarity event with speakers from Brazil, Jeremy Corbyn and more guests/details tba. Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has consistently dismissed Coronavirus as “just a fantasy” and “media hysteria.” He has recklessly refused to put people and health first. Brazil now has the second-highest number of cases in the world and rising. The Pan American Health Organization has issued an alert regarding the fast-spreading of COVID-19 in the Amazon. Opposition continues to grow to Bolsonaro’s inhumane response to the pandemic across society.

Hear the latest from Brazilian speakers and express your solidarity with the people of Brazil in their struggle against Bolsonaro and the threat he poses to public safety. Their fight is our fight.

WITH: Former President Dilma Rousseff // former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn // Glenn Greenwald, investigative journalist for The Intercept // Claudia Webbe, Labour MP & BSI Vice-Chair // AND MORE TBA!


Saturday June 27 – Palestine: Labour must speak out now to Stop Annexation.

2pm With live links from Palestine // Karma Nabulsi, Palestinian writer & campaigner // Hugh Lanning, Labour & Palestine // Philipa Harvey, NEU member of TUC women’s delegation Palestine // Artin Giles, London Young Labour. Hosted with Labour & Palestine. Register here https://labourassemblyagainstausterity.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0ffb9a535469ed99e826f0393&id=5dd22f0a23&e=0e721ea24c

Wednesday 1st July Trump’s War on China

7pm Hosted by Arise: A Festival of Labour’s Left ideas and 7 others

With Emma Dent Coad // Jenny Clegg, CND International Advisory Group & author ‘China’s Global Strategy’ // Rachel Garnham, Labour NEC // Murad Qureshi, Stop the War Coalition.



Friday 3rd July NHS 72nd Birthday – People Before Profit Day of Action

Sunday 5 July is the 72nd anniversary of our National Health Service. On Friday 3 July, People Before Profit: Health Worker Covid-19 Activists Group has called a national day of action.

Time and time again this government’s response to the Covid-19 public health crisis has been found wanting. Some scientists say that had the lockdown been introduced a week earlier it could have saved 20,000 lives.

The crisis has further exposed the value of our health service and our essential workers. But sadly it has also further exposed this Tory government’s lack of care for these precious resources and our health workers.

The continuing PPE crisis has shown this all too clearly. Too many health and social care workers have died unnecessarily.

With ‘R’ remaining high, easing of the lockdown has been premature. The resistance to the wider reopening of schools by teaching unions and parents forced Boris back.

The real threat of a second wave means we need to fight hard if we are to force changes to the governments mishandling of this crisis. They have prioritised business profits over people’s lives.

We want to say no going back to austerity, no return to pay freezes, job cuts, service cuts, attacks on the most vulnerable. Look at British Airways treatment of its staff! It wants to make 12,000 redundant and put 30,000 on worse terms and conditions. That must be stopped. And it can’t be the business model for how workers are treated apparently due to the pandemic!

👉 On Friday 3 July, organise workplace and community actions to say no going back to underfunding of the NHS and mistreatment off its workers. And no return to austerity.

👉 Socially distanced protests at hospitals. Car cavalcades with homemade banners and posters. Union Zoom meetings with selfie photos. Banner drops—use

your imagination!




Tuesday 7th July Coronavirus Racism and War

7pm Hosted by Cheshire Stop the War and others.

On the 15th anniversary of the London Bombing 7/7 Cheshire Stop the War along with the newly launched Cheshire West People’s Assembly will be hosting a discussion around the Coronavirus, racism and war.

The last two decades of reckless Western military intervention has created conditions globally for Covid 19 and racism to thrive.

The BAME community, often at the forefront of saving lives has been tragically and disproportionately impacted by the virus.

The pandemic has shone a light on the futility of further military spending at a time when our NHS and public services are chronically underfunded and ill prepared.

  • Shabbir Lakha, National Officer of Stop the War Coalition and People’s Assembly member
  • Kevin Ovenden a former national officer of the Stop the War Coalition and a long standing anti-racist activist. Kevin has written several books, including Malcolm X – socialism and black nationalism.
  • Laura Pidcock, General Secretary of the National People’s Assembly and former Labour MP for Durham
  • We’ll also be joined by Tanisha Adolph, one of the speakers and organisers of the very successful Chester BLM demonstration.