Sheffield Trades and Labour Union Council
It’s time to affiliate your union branch to Sheffield TUC for 2018. You can find out more by going to the “Join US” section and clicking “affiliate”

Sheffield Trade Union Council is the city’s local TUC, bringing together trade union branches and their members from across all sectors across Sheffield. We are sometimes also known as Sheffield Trades Council.Established in 1858 Sheffield Trade Union Council is the oldest in the country. It’s maintained its tradition of being a progressive voice for trade unions and working people right up to this day.Sheffield TUC has an affiliated structure so union branches are encouraged to affiliate on the basis of (currently) 20p per member per year. Affiliated union branches elect delegates to attend our meetings. We hold monthly delegate meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month (except August and December) at 7pm in Sheffield Trades and Labour Club, Duke Street Sheffield S2 2TG. The Executive Committee is elected from delegates at the AGM which is held in February each year.Sheffield Trade Union Council has a strong tradition of providing solidarity support to unions in dispute and helps to provide a coordinating role for union campaigns on pay, pensions, privatisation etc. We provide an essential forum for unions to have a voice in the local community, speaking out against racism, inequality, exploitation and injustice wherever it arises.

Sheffield Trade Union Council’s philosophy is based on the belief that trade unions are a force for good in society, giving workers a voice in the workplace and standing up for health and safety, rights at work, fairness, respect and equality.

We provide an essential forum for unions to have a voice in the local community, speaking out against racism, inequality, exploitation and injustice wherever it arises.

But of course trade unions’ main role is to fight for the best terms and conditions possible. For this reason we believe all workers should join a trade union and be covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Regrettably trade unions are under attack in this country and restricted by the most repressive anti-union laws in the western world. it can be hard being an elected trade union representative and many of us face threats and even dismissal by hostile employers. Hence the decline in collective bargaining from around 85% of workers covered by one in 1979 to less than 25% today.

It is no surprise that this same period has seen the absolute decline in workers’ overall share in the collective wealth of the nation and the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny and fabulously rich elite. We may be a smaller movement than we were in 1979 but we are still the largest civil society democratic movement and we insist on making our views known!

Trade Union Councils are coordinated under the national TUC which organises an annual National Trade Union Council Conference to which local Trade Union Councils can send delegates and submit motions.

We always welcome new affiliations from trade union branches.

This is a vigorously progressive event out of which many policies have become national union policy and indeed national TUC policy. The conference elects a Joint Trade Union Council Consultative Committee. Sheffield TUC Secretary Martin Mayer was elected onto this body for the first time this year representing all the Trade Union Councils in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Among the various organisation we subscribe/affiliate to are Labour Research, Unite Against Fascism, Stop the War, National Pensioners Convention, Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

We always welcome new affiliations from trade union branches not already affiliated and we do accept affiliated member status form other progressive organisations. All our delegate meetings are open to observers and visitors and we always have at least one major speaker on a topic of interest to trade unionists.