UNISON Care UK strike, Doncaster

UNISON Care UK strike, Doncaster

Around 70 care workers who have been on strike for 90 days over draconian wage cuts are set to

vote on a proposal to end the dispute.  The employees from Doncaster, who were transferred from

the NHS to private company Care UK earlier this year, have been locked in a bitter row with the

private equity owned firm after it slashed staff wages by up to 35%.  Care UK won the contract from

Doncaster City Council by undercutting the NHS bid by just £0.1M. The dispute has highlighted the

huge risk to NHS pay and conditions as a result of the ConDem Government’s NHS privatisation


Following a sustained period of industrial action, Care UK has offered all staff an immediate 2% pay

rise, with further increases scheduled for 2015 and 2016. This would mean employees would receive

a 2% pay rise in both years, or an increase equivalent to the Consumer Price Index if that is higher.

In addition, staff who transferred to Care UK from Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS

Foundation Trust would receive an additional £500 non-consolidated payment next month.