Statement in support of Sheffield TUC Secretary – Martin Mayer

Sheffield TUC stands in support of Martin Mayer who was expelled from the Labour Party on 16 November 2022

Martin is the current Secretary of Sheffield Trades Union Council and has consistently been re-elected in that role since 2013, having served as President before that, and sits on the Regional TUC Executive Committee.

Martin had 41 years of continuous Labour Party membership, which included 6 years on the Labour Party NEC as a delegate from UNITE the union.  Martin retired from the Labour Party NEC in 2017.

Martin also served 20 years on the General Executive Council of UNITE until his retirement in 2013.

Martin is a life-long trade unionist, internationalist and socialist with a proud record of active service in the Labour and Trade union Movement.

The reason for the expulsion was simply for addressing a Labour Against the Witchhunt meeting in 2018, 3 years before it was proscribed in 2021.

Martin does not dispute the fact he spoke at the meeting, as an invited external speaker, to explain what he had witnessed as a UNITE delegate to the Labour NEC regarding the role Iain McNicholl and the Central Office staff had played in undermining Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, targeting Corbyn supporters for expulsion and/or suspension particularly during the leadership elections to deny them a vote.

Martin’s presentation to this meeting was subsequently vindicated by the Forde report.

Sheffield TUC gives wholehearted support to Martin and calls upon the Labour Party to reinstate Martin to full membership of the party.


Unanimously agreed by Sheffield TUC Delegate Meeting

22 November 2022