Stand With Gaza – Worpklace day of Action Wednesday 7th February

Can you and your workmates organise a workplace event next Wednesday in support of the Palestinians in Gaza? The voice of workers and trade unions is vital to put pressure on Israel, USA and our own governmnet to stop the genocide in Gaza – and the ramped up violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Perhaps a lunch break protest? Some selfies of workers with placards for Palestine? Even a short stoppage of work if you feel able. Please do what seems right for your workplace to make a show of solidarity for Palestinians in their hour of need. Do take photos/videos and do share on social media.
Then join us for a rally at Sheffield Rail Station at 5pm

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On the 7th February Stop the War Coalition and CND are calling on all those in work, College or university to stand with Gaza. So far the day of action is backed by NEU, PCS and UCU. In Sheffield it is supported by the trade Union council and the Sheffield Palestine Coalition against Israeli Apartheid

Every collective act, big or small, sends a message to those who are suffering in Gaza that we are with them and puts pressure on our government to call on the Israeli government to stop bombing Gaza.

Get organised in your workplace and #StandWithGaza on 7th Feb!

To be able to get the maximum activity on the 7th Feb take the first steps:

Organise a meeting with your workmates to discuss what you will be doing on the day.

  • Take a collection round your workplace.
  • Set up a Free Palestine WhatsApp group in your union/workplace.

On the day:

  • Gather outside your workplace for a 30-minute stoppage and protest
  • If this is not possible gather at lunchtime outside your workplace with a Ceasefire now banner and posters.
  • Take a photo of all those gathered with posters etc.
  • If you don’t work in an industry that has lunch-breaks as such, find out when most are free after work to meet up to protest outside your workplace.

In short, we are looking to collectivise the resistance within the workplace on the 7th February.

 Why Spread the campaign to the workplace Matters


The protests, the meetings and the marches in solidarity with the Palestinians have been magnificent.  Popular support for the peace camp is overwhelming.  However, the Government and Labour ‘Opposition’ remain committed to Apartheid Israel and allow its war crimes.  The campaign for justice for the Palestinians must be broadened.

What you can do depends on your job, the strength of your union branch, and the attitude of your workmates.  Talk to them.  Discuss what you can do as a group.  Individuals can act, but together we are stronger.

Israel is carrying out Genocide

 South Africa’s case, in front of the International Court of Justice, that Israel is carrying out genocide is overwhelming.  The prevention of water, food and fuel threatens the life of all Gazans.

 Publicise want your action

Take a selfie, send it to us.   get in contact with

Already Momentum is building- don’t just stand by – take action

If you need leaflets let us know we have produced 5000 to get your workplaces involved.

The day will culminate with a rally at the train station at 5pm.

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