“Spirit of 1868” Banner Theater in Sheffield Monday 24th September

Sheffield TUC is once again hosting a stunning Banner Theatre production at Sheffield Trades and Labour Club on Monday evening 24th September. “The Spirit of 1868” is their newest production specially commissioned to mark the 150th anniversary of the TUC this year. With a lively mix of music, politics, history and comedy, Banner Theatre will always impress, inform and entertain!

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Doors open from 18.45, performance starts at 19.30
Commissioned by the Mechanics Centre Trust to celebrate the founding of the TUC and 150 years of union struggle.
In 1868 workers were fighting for union recognition, the end of casual labour, and improvements in working conditions.
Sounds familiar?
In the 150 years since, the trade union movement has led the fight for workers’ rights. The 8-hour day, health and safety at work, equality in the workplace… Spirit of 1868 celebrates them all!
Exhilarating folk, blues, punk and reggae rhythms drive the stories of workers from all walks of life, standing together in solidarity across a century and a half of picket lines and protests.
“No other cultural workers that I can think of in Britain have for so long and so consistently and with such moving artistry expressed the humour, culture, aspirations and politics of the working class.” Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, GFTU
“A brilliant mix of music, film, humour and politics. It’s a terrific way of reminding us why we need to keep angry, keep organising and keep fighting”. Jon Berry, Secretary, St Albans TUC
Spirit of 1868 – A stirring dramatisation of some of the struggles, protests and moments of resistance that shaped our past and our present!