Sheffield TUC welcomes Spanish walkers for the climate

Reception and send-off outside Sheffield Town Hall 9am till 10am tomorrow


“Marcha a Glasgow” sets off from Sheffield to Barnsley on Thursday 14th October

 “We are delighted to welcome these fantastic Spanish walkers tomorrow Thursday 14th October as they march to Glasgow to protest outside COP26” said Martin Mayer, Secretary of Sheffield TUC.

A group of Spanish activists are walking for 30 days to the COP26 climate summit which will be held in Glasgow in November 2021. “We are walking to highlight all that is at stake” say the walkers. Their website can be found here: where they explain: “Recently we have all read about the severe degradation of ecosystems and the daily extinction of over 150 species. Also we have heard that ‘climate change is widespread, fast, and intensifying’ according to the latest IPCC report. Some 11,000 scientists have warned that unless we make major transformations and significantly cut carbon emissions, the world faces ‘untold suffering. Although it is the countries of the global south that are unjustly facing the worst consequences, the extreme climate events of recent months have highlighted that we are all at risk. Furthermore, COVID-19 has underlined the link between the degradation of the natural world and our health.”

 “Sheffield TUC and others from the Sheffield/South Yorkshire COP26 Coalition – including climate, community, trade union, anti-racist/migration, faith and youth campaigners to name a few – will hold a ceremony for the Spanish walkers as they leave to march to Barnsley on Thursday at 9-10.30am. Among the speakers will be the Lord Mayor Cllr Gail Smith and there will be a samba band and songs, plus gifts for the walkers as we wish them well on their way, “said Martin Mayer.

“We applaud these brave Spanish walkers for making this bold sacrifice to highlight the climate emergency and help to bring pressure on the world leaders meeting at COP 26 in Glasgow,” said Martin Mayer. “We need action not words if we are to save this planet and transform into to the green zero-carbon economy we need and create good green jobs for the future. We will be marching too, here in Sheffield, on Saturday 6th November and everyone is invited” he concluded.