Sheffield TUC welcomes Jeremy Corbyn as Labour’s new Leader

Sheffield Trade Union Council today joins the massive chorus of support across the country in congratulating Jeremy Corbyn on his stunning success in Labour’s leadership election yesterday.


“Jeremy Corbyns’ decisive victory yesterday with almost 60% of the votes in the first round was overwhelming” said Martin Mayer, Secretary of Sheffield TUC. “This was a massive endorsement by the wider Labour and trade union movement for a real change in Labour Party away from its obsession with austerity-lite, benefit cuts and pay restraint, and for a bold new vision of hope and jobs for British people” he said.


Sheffield TUC supported Jeremy Corbyn and helped organise a massive rally for him in Sheffield on August Bank Holiday weekend when over 1500 people turned up to hear him. The pattern has been the same across the country wherever he went, addressing packed halls of supporters who flocked to hear his authentic message of a brighter better and fairer Britain, peace and international solidarity instead of wars and destruction, and a new decency and honesty in politics.


“Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour will seem more like the party that ordinary trade unionists and their families and friends can identify with and support” said Martin Mayer. “And for us in the trade union movement who have often been regarded as unwelcome bedfellows in the Labour Party, there is a new possibility of a shared purpose to fight together – starting with opposing this Tory Government’s new anti-union laws!”