Sheffield TUC – why trade unions support Labour’s manifesto

Sheffield TUC is campaigning on the Moor, Sheffield this Saturday 3rd June from 12 pm till 2.30pm outside Sheffield Market with our brilliant leaflet “Why Trade unions support Labour’s Manifesto”. You get a sneal preview of the leaflet here Sheffield Trades Council GE 2017 leaflet

Many of Labour’s key pledges have been campaigned for by trade unions for many years;

  • a national investment bank
  • end zero hours contracts
  • end the vicious pay cap on public sector workers
  • a mass council house building programme
  • reverse the privatisation of our public services
  • no more austerity – let’s invest in sustainable growth and get people back to work!

We’ll be explaining these ideas to Sheffield voters on Saturday. There’ll be stalls and a megaphone. Sheffield TUC will be doing its bit to explain why we think┬áLabour’s manifesto offers a real vision for a better fairer Britain on 8th June.

Please come and join us. Trade union please bring your banners!