Sheffield TUC supports the Deliveroo Drivers!

South Yorkshire Couriers Network launched!

Central Sheffield demonstration lunchtime Thursday 22nd August

Deliveroo and other fast food delivers workers are getting organised!

Sheffield TUC is proud to support couriers working for Deliveroo, JustEat, and other food delivery companies who are fighting back against low pay, exploitative working conditions, unfair parking charges and other issues. With the help of trade union IWGB, they have formed the South Yorkshire Couriers Network and we urge other similar workers to join them! Tomorrow (Thursday) they hold their first action, a demonstration in central Sheffield at lunchtime.

Fast food delivery workers are getting organised. This is the first step towards forming a proper trade union branch. Working together, Deliveroo and other similar workers can formulate demands to take to their employers. Their goal is to negotiate a proper collective bargaining agreement with their employers so that they can achieve justice in the workplace and fair and reasonable terms and conditions. Everyone in Sheffield should support them!

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South Yorkshire Couriers Network

Couriers working for Deliveroo, JustEat and other food delivery firms will hold a demonstration through central Sheffield at lunchtime on 22 August to protest Deliveroo reducing the minimum rate paid for deliveries and other abuses.

They are also protesting against unfair parking tickets issued to couriers when they are loading and unloading. The couriers’ organisation, the South Yorkshire Couriers’ Network, which is being supported by the IWGB trade union, is asking Sheffield City Council to ensure that drivers can load and unload safely and without fearing issued with unfair parking tickets and demanding that companies like Deliveroo take responsibility for resolving parking issues with local

The couriers’ protest in Sheffield comes at the same time as worldwide protests for fairer treatment for Deliveroo couriers. August saw noisy protests in Paris by couriers in a group called CLAP75, protesting a 30%-50% drop in earnings for Deliveroo couriers.

Hundreds of supporters have already signed a petition setting out the couriers’ demands:

1) The Council to ensure that drivers are no longer served with penalty notices for loading and unloading while doing their job

2) That Deliveroo restore the per-job minimum pay to its previous rate of £4.25

3) That Deliveroo show couriers both destinations on a double order
4) That Deliveroo pay couriers for time spent waiting for food to be prepared
5) That Deliveroo pay couriers for the work they do even if the customer cancels
6) That all companies do more to ensure restaurant workers and customers treat couriers with respect, and support their couriers against abuse.


Greg Howard of the IWGB Couriers branch, said:

“The IWGB have worked closely with the South Yorkshire Couriers’ Network from its inception to continue our nationwide campaign to gain fair access to work for all and a fair wage which encompasses and covers expenses, so that couriers’ can live comfortably without worry. Nationally couriers’ are facing challenges to their day to day work from the food delivery Goliath’s like Deliveroo and Just Eat. Couriers’ Networks across the country are organising to fight the precarious and exploitative nature of these archaic employment practices.”


Ibrahim, a courier working in Sheffield, said:

“We want to ensure that there is an open dialogue with Deliveroo. We would like good work relations to ensure we provide the best service possible.”


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