Sheffield TUC says “Keep abortions safe, legal and free in this country”


US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe V Wade – Abortion Rights


Sheffield TUC congratulates Our Bodies Our Streets for holding a protest demonstration outside Sheffield Town Hall on Monday 27th June to stand in opposition to the US Supreme Court judgement overruling Roe V Wade.

Martin Mayer, Secretary Sheffield TUC, said “We stand in solidarity with women in USA, UK and across the world who are angered and alarmed that the Supreme Court has overturned the historic Roe V Wade judgement, which guaranteed a woman’s right to choose in the USA.”

Maxine Bowler, Vice Chair of Sheffield TUC said “This is former President Trump’s legacy, where he used his power of appointment to the Supreme Court to stack it with right wing ultra-conservative judges. This new judgement will condemn thousands of working class women including black, Asian and Latino women to continue with unwanted pregnancies – or face illegal, unsafe backstreet abortions.  Prior to abortions being legalised in the UK, we saw the loss of women’s lives and prosecutions in this country.”

“This is a working class issue. Those with money and power can always obtain abortions. It is always the poorest women and families who suffer” added Maxine.

Sheffield TUC sends a message of solidarity to our sisters in America who have mobilised in their thousands following the ruling.  Already 13 states are instituting bans and a total of 26 states may follow suite.

Sheffield TUC confirms our commitment to keeping abortion safe and legal and free in this country.

We have already seen the divide and rule tactics used in this country by the Tories and we will resist any attacks on abortion rights in the UK. Already anti-abortion activists here in the UK have been encouraged by the USA Supreme Court ruling and have stepped up their campaigning. We must not let them succeed.


Sheffield TUC agrees to send a message of support to  and to support future activities by them or other groups defending abortion rights including publicising events and making a financial donation where appropriate.