Sheffield TUC CV19 Council of Action

Many thanks to our speakers and all those who participated in our 4th Council of Action zoom conference yesterday. Notes of the meeting are available on request to 
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Please do put a notice on your dustbin thanking the GMB members for the fantastic work they do!
See link for a poster for the kids to colour in from CWU to thank your postie to stick up in your window (if you don’t have kids you can colour it in yourself!CWU-Thank-You-Postal-Workers-9-2

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Message from Jack Czauderna from Doctors in UNITE about feature on TV tonight on Sheffield pilot for testing and contact tracing
Message from Sheffield Needs A Pay Rise – share your story
Message from Joe Rollin UNITE – help us fight for workers at Sheffield University
Message from Sheffield Stand Up to Racism – zoom meeting tonight and sign our statement
Message from Jack Czauderna
 From: Jack Czauderna <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 at 15:08
Subject: Sheffield Community Contact Tracers
To: Jack Czauderna <>
Cc: <>, <>
This small group of retired public health workers, GP’s, community workers and primary care working with a neighbourhood in Sheffield to pilot an 

Identify, Isolate, Contact Trace and Support project for people with Covid19 by training and supporting volunteer community contact tracers should be on 

BBC 2 TV Newsnight programme this evening Wednesday 22nd April