“SHEFFIELD NEEDS A PAY RISE!” Launch with John McDonnell MP

7pm Friday 14th October 2016 Sheffield TUC Campaign Launch Meeting  – £10 an hour NOW!

with John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor


Maggie Hazlehurst UNITE Senior Organiser

Gareth Lane BFAWU Regional Organiser

Peter Davies/ Deanne Ferguson GMB

Eva Jasiewizc journalist/human rights activist

Daragh O’Neill UNITE Community

USDAW speaker invited


Chair: Martin Mayer Sheffield TUC Secretary


7pm Friday 14th October 2016

United Reform Chapel

Norfolk Street, Sheffield (opp. Crucible Theatre)

STOP PRESS: Sheffield Trade Union Council is launching our new campaign Sheffield Needs A Pay-Rise! We’ll be bringing the trade union movement together to fight for better pay and conditions across Sheffield, especially with people in low paid, and/or casualised work, including many young people, to fight for better work and a fairer society for all. We’re fighting for at least £10 an hour living wage, if not more.

UK plc is beset with rock bottom wages, zero hours contracts and a lack of good well-paid jobs with union recognition. A recent Resolution Foundation Report showed Sheffield is the lowest paid city in the country. Sheffield TUC is determined to do something about this. Our “Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise” campaign will expose Sheffield’s worst employers many of whom are household names. We will organise street events and link in with union branches and working class communities in the city. We will lead focused union organising drives for the TUC target of £10 per hour as a minimum rate for ALL workers. We will work with national trade unions and link up with the highly successful US trade union campaign for $15. This will be backed up with a local media campaign aimed at uniting the people of Sheffield behind us in a mass campaign to drive up wages in Sheffield. We deserve better!

 We want this campaign to approach the problems we face in new ways, with new initiatives and ideas for organising to show the power of the labour movement, and the need for an alternative economy, for the people. We’ll have speakers involved from many recent important campaigns from various unions to speak about how we can organise, and we have the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell coming to speak on Labour’s plans for the alternatives to austerity and the importance of trade unions on the creation of a fairer, more equal society. Tickets are free but we advise you book on the following link we expect a big turnout



Please see attached leaflet with more details. Please do circulate this to your contacts.

Current legal minimum rates are (from 1st October 2016)

Aged 25 and over   £7.20p per hour (George Osborne’s “National Living Wage”)

Aged 21 to 24        £6.95p per hour

Aged 18 to 20         £5.55p per hour

Aged under 18        £4.00p per hour

Apprentice               £3.40p per hour (applies for first year, then rates above)


Living Wage (set by Living Wage Foundation)

£8.25p per hour (outside London)

£9.40p per hour (in London)


TUC “Britain Needs a Pay Rise” target for UK minimum wage      £10 per hour