Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise – Union Organiser Funding Appeal

We are really proud of our SHEFFIELD NEEDS A PAY RISE! Campaign   and our brilliant union organiser Rohan Kon. She is making a real difference to the lives of hundreds of young workers in Sheffield on lousy pay, often on zero hours, and too often treated badly by their employers. On Saturday she organised one of our biggest protests yet, when 100 workers and trade unionists stood outside Papa John’s pizza outlet on Eccleshall Road to demand the boss pays back the wages he stole from his workers. Some were owed up to £2000! Within half an hour the boss agreed to pay up and meet the union*. A tremendous victory which will resonate right across the Sheffield low paid fast food workforce – and show the power of the union!

*see attached article from Yorkshire Live Examiner Furious Papa John workers protest – Yorkshire Examiner Live

We can’t do this without your help. We need to raise funds to pay her wages. Under the deal we have with BFAWU (The Bakers Union) we pay half her salary and they pay the other half.

Sheffield Needs A Pay Rise fundraising link – give what you can!

Kinder Scout Sponsored Walk Saturday September 5th. Meet at Edale station at 11am

Model motion to branches

Get your Sheffield Needs A Pay Rise t-shirt here:

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Can you help? Can your union branch make a donation? Can your Labour Party/Green Party/other organisation chip in? Individual donations are also welcome. Whether it’s £10 or £200, all donations really are appreciated. And you know it’s going to a really good cause.

We need to raise money for next year’s salary too. We have a target of £12,000 for 2021 as our half of the cost of employing a full-time union organiser. We really believe we have started a movement of young workers now and this could have huge spin offs in union membership and rates of pay and conditions across our shameful low paid economy.

Please see funding appeal notice attached. Payment can be made by bacs to Sheffield Trade Union Council (details in the attachment)  Union Organiser Funding Appeal 2020

THANK YOU to all those who have already donated. It is really appreciated.