Sheffield IWGB Just Eat/Stuart Delivery strikes rattle employers


3 January 2022

 Stuart Delivery forced to call “focus meeting” with drivers tomorrow Tuesday 4th January


Sheffield TUC tells Stuart “It’s time to recognise the Union and meet their reps to settle this dispute”

 Following weeks of disruption to food deliveries across Sheffield in the run up to Christmas caused by striking Just Eat delivery drivers (also known as couriers), Stuart Delivery has announced a meeting with a small number of invited couriers to take place tomorrow Tuesday 4th January at a secret location (Stuart Delivery is the labour sub-contractor for Just Eat and actually employs the couriers for Just Eat orders).

“Instead of meeting a selected few invited drivers, Stuart Delivery needs to recognise the IWGB union and arrange a bona fide negotiation meeting to settle this dispute” said Martin Mayer, Secretary of Sheffield TUC. “These are some of the most exploited workers in the city and they are angry at having had a pay cut from 6th December on top of all the other grievances they have. These issues will not be resolved by an employer-dominated “focus group” meeting”, said Martin Mayer. “This is a typical tactic of the worst anti-union employers who are desperate not to talk to let alone recognise a legitimate trade union. We don’t want anti-union employers in this city” he said.

Strikes by couriers in the run-up to Christmas hit a number of MacDonalds stores across Sheffield causing thousands of pounds of losses in uncollected food orders. Some Greggs stores were also hit. The strike was so effective that several MacDonald stores simply stopped taking Just Eat orders. Sheffield strike action has spread to a number of towns across the UK including Sunderland, Chesterfield, Blackpool and Liverpool as couriers there were inspired to also fight back against the Stuart Delivery pay cut.

“Stuart Delivery is hoping to keep the venue for tomorrow’s meeting secret” said Martin Mayer “but the drivers have said if they find out where it is they will picket the meeting and call for Stuart Delivery to meet with the IWGB union”.

Further strikes are planned in Sheffield shortly unless Stuart Delivery make serious moves to settle this dispute and recognise the union.


For comment please contact Martin Mayer on 0776 107 8482


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