Our message to Mayor Dan Jarvis “We want ACTION on the Climate!”

Lobby of Mayor Jarvis’ Office

11 Broad Street West Sheffield S1 2BQ

0930hrs-1030hrs Monday 15th November 2021


South Yorks Green New Deal will be asking

“What are YOU doing about Climate Change in our Region after COP26?”


Better Buses South Yorks will be asking

“Why have you rejected taking back control of our Buses?”

 Campaign activists for the climate will be joined by bus campaigners to lobby S. Yorks Mayor Dan Jarvis tomorrow morning Monday 15th November outside his offices on Broad Street West when he is meeting with the 4 Council Leaders.

South Yorks Green New Deal campaigners will be asking a formal question at the Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) meeting:

“The Secretary General of the United Nations has called the climate crisis a code red for humanity, and a thundering wake up call. Can the Mayoral Combined Authority look at itself in the mirror and honestly say that the ambition, scale and urgency of its current response matches up to this assessment? Professor Sir David King, says the next 3-4 years will determine the future of humanity. What plans do you intend to develop? What more is MCA going to do?”

Green New Deal campaigners will be joined at the Lobby by activists from Better Buses South Yorkshire who are demanding S. Yorks Mayor Dan Jarvis takes back control of our ailing privately-run bus services and create a world class system to attract people out of their cars. “We are desperately disappointed at our Council Leaders’ lack of ambition about the future of our bus services” said Martin Mayer Secretary Sheffield Trade Union Council. “If we are to get to net zero in South Yorkshire we need a radical shake-up of our appalling public transport, but the recent Bus Service Improvement Plan has rejected the Government’s offer to take back control via franchising.”

Campaigners will be looking for answers not just on public transport – and reducing fossil fuels and pollution across transport – but also on local green energy production, insulation retro-fitting, new council house building that is zero emission, waste and recycling etc.


 Sheffield Trade Union Council encourages all workers to join a union. Being a member of the trade union gives you and your work mates a collective voice to raise demands for better wages and conditions, to stand up for health and safety at work, to defend you and your work colleagues from unfair treatment and demand justice and respect. But it’s also more than that. Trade unions stand up for wider issues too – like equality, fairness and a better future for working class communities.  That includes action on the climate!