Next Sheffield TUC CV19 Council of Action Tuesday 16th June 2020

We are delighted to have the Musician Union General Secretary Horace Trubridge as our main speaker. The MU has done a brilliant job standing up for its members, many of whom are self-employed and suffering mass loss of income during the lockdown – most fell through the net with furlough and support for the self-employed and got nothing. The MU is part of a collection of media and culture unions that have been very vocal in pushing the interests of this vast and complex industry that employs more people than the car industry and contributes massively to the national economy. Sheffield TUC has been proud to support these unions’ Cultural Manifesto y&h_culturemanifesto_2019_final

We will have updates and contributions about the schools reopening, the campaign to get local Public Health-backed community contact tracing and the links we must ensure are made between Black Lives Matter and the fight against COVID 19 – and the fight for a better fairer future that is free of racism and ensures BAME communities are never again exposed to higher disadvantages than the rest of society – a clear reason why BAME COVID deaths are disproportionately higher.