Make Schools Safer Emergency Council of Action Committee 5 January 7pm


Tuesday 5th January 7pm. See attachment for zoom link details

The National Education Union’s (NEU) has made an urgent call to suspend the reopening of schools (except for children of key workers/vulnerable children) after the Christmas Holidays.

The resurgence of the pandemic is a cause for great concern across the nation, and even though infection rates have not risen as fast here in South Yorkshire as some other parts of the country, there is no room for complacency. Of paramount importance is the fact that COVID infection rates are highest among school-age children, and there is much evidence that cross-infection into the wider community from schoolchildren is a major factor in driving the alarming increase in pandemic infection rates.

At most risk from school-based cross infection are our poorest families, the elderly e.g. grandparents, vulnerable adults with pre-existing health conditions and our BAME communities whom we know are disproportionately at risk. Poverty, poor housing, multi-generational households and overcrowding are all factors which put these groups at most risk.