London McStrikes 12 November -join solidarity action here in Sheffield

On the 12th of November McDonald’s stores in London are striking in the biggest McStrike action yet! This follows strong union organisation by BFAWU. Here in Sheffield our Union Organiser Jack Pearson has been spearheading a union organisation drive at McDonalds too – but we are not ready yet to strike action here.

Solidarity actions are being held all over Britain on the same day. Sheffield Trade Union Council and Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise  are supporting Sheffield Momentum’s initiative to organise protest rallies outside Mac stores here in Sheffield. See below:

Momentum Sheffield are hosting McStrike solidarity events and we would like to invite you all to join us! 12 noon till 2pm 

Meet up outside Town Hall at 12 noon Tuesday 12th November. A second event will take place 5pm. See Facebook links below.

Bring your flags bring your banners.


We will have McStrike themed resources on the day from the Union, however, we welcome McStrike themed slogans and placards!



The message from the workers is simple:

  • £15 an hour for all workers of all ages
  • End Zero hours contracts
  • Recognise the Union

Backing the McStrike campaign is the smart thing to do. When McDonald’s put their wages up, which we believe that they will, the effect of that will ripple among employers throughout the whole of the high street and spread to other employers too.

By supporting the McStrike you are supporting all workers.

  • These workers deserve better. 
  • The next generation deserve better. 
  • Let’s put an end to precarious contracts and poverty pay, together!
  • Strength in unity 



Momentum Sheffield hosted McStrike solidarity events are open to everyone please click links for details.

We have one at 12noon and one at 5pm for those who can’t make the earlier time: