Letter to Theresa May

Your refusal to grant Rene Gonzales and entry visa to UK

Dear Mrs.May

Your refusal to grant Rene Gonzales and entry visa to UK

I am writing to add the voice of Sheffield Trade Union Council to the long list of individuals

and organisations who have already written to you to protest your decision to refuse an

entry visa to the UK for Rene Gonzales in September to address a meeting in the House of

Parliament at the invitation of MPs. This is the second time he has been refused an entry

visa – the first time being in March when he had intended to visit the UK to give evidence

to an international committee of inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the arrest and

imprisonment of the Miami 5.

Rene Gonzales, a Cuban national, was one of the Miami 5. The five Cubans were jailed in

1998 after gathering information on right-wing terrorist groups based in Miami and handing

it over to US authorities. After being detained without trial in solitary confinement for

17 months they were accused of various conspiracy charges and received sentences of

between 15 years and double life. The trial was held in Miami where anti-socialist Cubans

wield enormous influence and judges repressed key evidence — the US government even

paid journalists to write hostile articles during the trial. It is widely seen as a travesty of

justice that they were imprisoned when the real reason they were in Miami was to gather

evidence on the activities of Cuban exiles who had committed horrendous acts of terrorism

on Cuba soil.

Rene Gonzales having completed his 15 year sentence is now free. There is no case for

arguing that Rene Gonzales is a terrorist threat or even that he posed a threat to national

security or threatened the safety of the general public. Indeed Rene Gonzales was granted

visas to visit a number of European countries with no problem whatsoever.

I would like an explanation from you on what grounds the entry visa was declined as it

appears that your decision was not rational and is widely perceived to be politically biased

by a great many citizens in this country.

Yours sincerely

Martin Mayer