IWGB Couriers Strike Rally 12 noon Sunday 23rd January 2022 Sheffield Town Hall Steps, Pinstone Street


Come and show your support for the Just Eat/Stuart courier drivers who are fighting back!


Strikes are stopping Just Eat orders at MacDonalds on High Street, Farm Road and Archer Road, causing big losses to Just Eat and MacDonalds.

Please come and join the picket outside one of these outlets 5pm-8pm every night. You will be made very welcome by the strikers who value your support!

Courier drivers in Sheffield have led the national fightback against Stuart Delivery’s pay cut – minimum delivery payment cut from £4.50 to £3.40 – staging the longest gig-economy stoppage in UK history!

IWGB demands are:

  • Reverse the pay cut!
  • £6 minimum delivery payment
  • Paid waiting times when picking up food
  • Regularised employment – e.g. sick pay, holiday pay, pension
  • A range of other grievances including unfair dismissal/no appeal
  • IWGB UNION RECOGNITION! Stuart refuses to recognise the union.

Sheffield couriers’ have led the way in the fight against Stuart. Now actions are breaking out across the country in Blackpool, Chesterfield, Sunderland and elsewhere. The strike has attracted national media coverage and solidarity messages from couriers across Europe!


In a bid to avoid talking to the IWGB union, Stuart Delivery tried to meet with selected drivers for a “focus meeting” at a secret location. But the strikers found out and staged a picket outside! Stuart managers cancelled the meeting and scuttled outside by a back door!


Stuart Delivery tried to ignore this strike but have now been forced to offer

some minor concessions – but the pay cut still stands!


Stuart Delivery is a subsidiary of multinational DPD – which is making huge profits!


They can afford to pay!


Courier drivers are some of the most exploited workers in our city. They are forced onto bogus self-employment with no rights to sick pay, holiday pay or pension, and no job security. Their contact with their employer is simply via an app which allocates work with payment for delivery determined by the employer. They deserve better than this!

Stuart Delivery is the labour sub-contractor for Just Eat. When you order from Just Eat, your delivery comes from a Stuart courier!