International Workers Memorial Day Friday 26th April

Wreath laying ceremony and speeches by The Memorial Tree outside Sheffield Town Hall, Pinstone Street 1230hrs- 1330hrs Friday 26th April 2019

“Remember the Dead – Fight for the Living”

Opened by a representative of the Lord Mayor Cllr. Majid Majid

And presided over by Sheffield TUC President Bob Jeffery

Paul Blomfield MP and Louise Haigh MP (On behalf of the Sheffield Labour MPs)

Bill Adams Regional Secretary, Yorks and Humber TUC

Cllr. Julie Dore, Leader, Sheffield City Council : Tristram Sterry, Thompsons Solicitors: Brian Lawton, Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Representatives from Health and Safety Campaigns: Jawad Qasari, Hazards Campaign: SARAG (asbestos victims support group)

Neil Carbutt FBU – Fire Service cuts are threat to our health and safety

John Campbell, UNISON NHS Teaching Hospitals

Doug Patterson UNITE Manufacturing

Plus speakers invited from other major unions in the city including GMB, RMT

Les Wray, Sheffield Peoples Assembly – austerity damages our health!

There will be a minute’s silence after the above speakers, followed by a short closing address by:  Martin Mayer, Secretary STUC
The TUC’s theme for 2019 is: “dangerous substances – get them out of the workplace”. The focus will mainly be on carcinogens but there are also many other substances that can also cause illnesses such as asthma or dermatitis. Two important issues are asbestos and diesel exhaust, but others include cleaning fluids or dust in general.  The TUC has produced very useful guides on the following:

Asbestos – time to get rid of it:,

Diesel exhaust in the workplace:

Occupational cancer


Union branches and their members are encouraged to attend this event and bring their banners. Please also arrange to purchase a wreath to lay at the foot of the Memorial Tree outside the Town Hall

 This is an internationally recognised event with similar activities taking place in towns and cities all around the globe.

“Each year, thousands of workers experience serious accidents at work causing injuries which can and often do lead to permanent disability” said Martin Mayer STUC Secretary. “Worse still, far too many workers die – either immediately or in some cases years afterwards following long periods of pain and suffering.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way” added Martin Mayer. “We need safer workplaces; proper and effective Health and Safety legislation; and trained and qualified Trade Union Health and Safety Representatives” he said. Safe workplaces are invariably more productive ones – but today all too often employers are resisting trade union organisation and trying to prevent trade unions taking up vital issues like health and safety.

Today’s’ event is also a positive one – recognising the vital role that trade unions play in the workplace, ensuring workers have a safe and healthy working environment. “We want workers to go to work confident that they will be safe – to come home again each day safely!” added Martin Mayer

Martin Mayer is Secretary of Sheffield Trade Union Council, the body which represents trade unions in Sheffield. He can be contacted on 0776 1078482

The press is very welcome to attend and cover this event.

Sheffield Trade Union Council (Front Door Letterbox) Trades and Labour Club, 200 Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5QQ