EUROPE IN or OUT? The Big Debate

Saturday 14th May 2016    1pm till 4pm, Quakers Meeting House

10 St James Street, Sheffield

All welcome to this Public Meeting with speeches FOR and AGAINST the EU from a Labour and Trade Union perspective.

Speaking FOR the EU:

Linda MacAvan MEP

Labour – Yorkshire and the Humber

Martin Mayer

UNITE & Labour NEC (personal capacity)


Speaking AGAINST the EU:

Steve Hedley

Senior Assistant General Secretary, RMT

Maxine Bowler

Local trade union activist (personal capacity)


In the Chair:

Bob Jeffery

President, Sheffield Trade Union Council


You’ve heard the arguments from Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and David Cameron et al. But what is the British Left saying? Here the arguments FOR and AGAINST from a Trade Union and Labour perspective – with the interests of ordinary working class people at the heart of the matter.


Another highly important public event brought to you by Sheffield TUC