DEFEND OUR UNIONS No to the Tories’ anti- union laws- Solidarity with Greece

Public Meeting United Reform Chapel

7pm Thursday 11th September


The Tories are planning a new swathe of anti-union legislation designed to further restrict workers from exercising their democratic and fundamental human right to withdraw their labour. It is clear; they oppose collective bargaining and the right of workers to form unions to protect themselves and demand a fair wage and just conditions in the workplace. The meeting will also link up with Greece Solidarity Campaign with a video-link to trade unionist speaker from Greece where trade union rights have already come under massive attack.

Speakers include: Tosh MacDonald ASLEF President; Ian Hodson BAFWU President. Chair; Martin Mayer Sheffield TUC Secretary

We already have some of the harshest anti-union laws in Europe, now new ballot thresholds and a “strike-breakers’ charter” that will allow agency workers to replace strikers are on the way.

We have to resist these laws and the attacks on our unions. We also have to build solidarity for the growing number of strikes at the centre of resistance to austerity.