BUILD BACK BETTER Youth Strike for Climate rally 25.07.2020

Sheffield TUC press statement

Youth Strike for Climate Protest Rally

 1pm Saturday 25th July Outside Sheffield Town Hall



Invest now in a sustainable recovery post-COVID


Ensure a green carbon-free future and save our planet


Create good, well-paid jobs


No return to austerity, job losses, pay cuts

 Sheffield Trade Union Council supports the Youth Strike for Climate (YS4C) youngsters protesting today outside Sheffield Town Hall for a carbon free future. “BUILD BACK BETTER is a great slogan which we wholly endorse” says Martin Mayer, secretary of Sheffield TUC. “We must not allow the Government to take us back to where we were before COVID – our public services hammered by austerity cuts, lousy jobs and low pay with no future, and almost nothing being done to address climate change. There is an alternative. We could invest in a carbon-free future and create good well-paid jobs at the same time” he said. “Use the public finances to invest in new green energy production, a massive insulation programme for homes, a high quality green public transport system and a million new desperately needed zero-emission council homes”

Youth Strike for Climate (YS4C) have staged schools strikes in 2019 and held rallies and marches in Sheffield city centre demanding real change to protect our planet from climate change due to global warming and carbon emissions. “these brave youngsters should be applauded for their actions, raising awareness about climate change the urgent need to act now to save our planet” says Martin Mayer. “We’ve been proud to support them and wish them well with their rally today”



Notes for editors:

Martin Mayer is Secretary of Sheffield TUC

Youth Strike for Climate, Sheffield TUC and the other Trades union Councils in Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster are supporting a new initiative to create a Green New Deal South Yorkshire Hub with an inaugural zoom meeting planned for Monday 6pm 27th July. This is supported by Sheffield Climate Action, Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth and many others. By joining forces together, we can speak more loudly about the urgent need to address climate change and influence decisions about how public money is spent