Affiliation fees are now due for 2015 – please give your urgent attention


  •  Affiliation fees are now due for 2015 – please give your urgent attention
  • Notification of 158th AGM on Tuesday 24th February 2015 – Len McCluskey guest speaker
  •  Nominations invited for STUC Officers and Executive Committee
  • Notification of proposed amendments to STUC Rules and Constitution


Dear Colleagues, Brothers and Sisters,

Sheffield Trade Union Council is a vital player in Sheffield’s Trade Union and Labour Movement,

offering solidarity to union branches in dispute and playing an important leadership and

coordination role on behalf of trade unions and their members in all areas of Sheffield’s economy,

in both private and public sectors (including the voluntary and community sectors).


We have assisted and supported unions in their disputes and campaigns throughout 2014 e.g.

 public sector disputes e.g. Local Authorities, NHS, Civil Service against pay freezes and

attacks on pensions etc.

 campaigns against privatisation Post Office, Probation Service Civil service depts. etc

 “Action for Rail” re privatisation, East Coast and high fares

 GMB rercycling centre dispute, AMEY UNITE electricians dispute and others

 Doncaster UNISON Care UK workers

We have supported or led a number of campaigns against austerity spending cuts to our vital

public services, working with Sheffield Peoples Assembly, UNITE Community Branch and a number

of local campaigning groups. We have been an important voice speaking out in the local media not

only against cuts but for a positive alternative and a fairer society.

We have joined Stand up to UKIP! events and supported UAF in their fight against racism and

fascism. This included standing up to EDL in Rotherham and supporting Rotherham Trade Union

Council’s bold and visionary lead over the child sex abuse scandal in their community. Now we

have real plans to reach out to our Black Asian and ethnic minority communities in the city in


We have rebuilt our links with the Sheffield City Council Labour Leadership with a new regular

dialogue on a quarterly basis. We gave vocal and practical support for the election of Alan Billings

Labour’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, stopping UKIP in its tracks. We are

vigorously supporting the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign Councils and celebrating the 30th

anniversary of the Miners Strike with a Red ladder production of “We’re not Going Back” at the

Trades and Labour Club on Wednesday 18th February 2015. Our international work included

supporting Palestine Solidarity Campaign over the horrific attack on Gaza this summer and

engaging our MPs, MEPs and Council Leaders on the issue.

We have secured a number of high profile national speakers to our monthly delegate meetings

throughout 2014 on important topics ranging from Europe- In or Out from a Left perspective;

austerity and the neo-liberal project; fast food workers rights and zero hours contracts, rail

privatisation etc. 2015 kicks off with 2 General Secretaries- Chris Kitchen NUM addressing our

January delegate meeting and Len McCluskey UNITE at our February AGM.

Finally we have revitalised Sheffield Trade Union Council’s public communications face with a new

website, a FaceBook page and a stream of press releases which have got us noticed on Radio

Sheffield, the Sheffield Star and beyond, ensuring the voice of Sheffield’s trade unions and their

members is heard.

We are working closely with Bill Adams TUC Regional Secretary on a pilot project to grow and

develop Sheffield Trade Union Council and help us to become even more effective and

representative of Sheffield’s Trade Union and Labour Movement in 2015. Please join us and help

to take our projects forward by affiliating your union branch to Sheffield’s energetic and

revitalised Trade Union Council for 2015.

Yours sincerely

Martin Mayer (UNITE) Bob Jeffery (UCU)

Secretary President


All Trades Union Branches, Joint Shop Stewards` Committees (JSSCs) and Shop Stewards`

Committees (SSCs) in Sheffield are cordially invited to re-affiliate, or if not already affiliated to

affiliate afresh, to the Sheffield Trades Union Council for the Year 2015 (from the 158th Annual

Delegate Meeting) and to appoint Delegates. It is national TUC policy that:-

a) all trades union branches should affiliate to trades union councils

b) such branch affiliations should be based on total branch membership

c) joint shop stewards committees and shop stewards` committees may affiliate to trades

union councils

Affiliation fees for 2015 are:

25p per member

Minimum Branch affiliation fee #25


Branches are entitled to send delegates as follows:

One delegate per 100 members

Notwithstanding the above, all branches are entitled to send a minimum of 4 delegates

Please complete the attached forms 1 and 2 without delay and post, enclosing a cheque for the

appropriate affiliation fee made payable to “Sheffield Trade Union Council”, to The Secretary,

Sheffield Trade Union Council, Trades & Labour Club (Front Door Post Box) 200, Duke Street,

Sheffield S2


To be held at TRADES & LABOUR CLUB, Duke Street at 1900hrs Tuesday 24th February, 2014

In accordance with Rules and Constitution of the Sheffield Trades Union Council, notice is hereby

given that the 158th Annual General Meeting of the Sheffield Trades Union Council will be held on

Tuesday, 24th February, 2014, in the Ballroom, Trades & Labour Club, Duke Street, Sheffield,

commencing at 1900hrs. The Ordinary Monthly Delegate Meeting will follow the conclusion of the

158th Annual General Meeting

We are delighted that Len McCluskey, General Secretary of UNITE the Union, has agreed to

attend and address our AGM.

The provisional agenda is as follows:

i. Speaker: Len McCluskey General Secretary UNITE the Union

ii. Officers’ annual reports (Secretary, President, Treasurer)

iii. Amendments to Rules and Constitution

iv. Election of Officers for 2015 (Secretary, President, Treasurer, and 2 Vice Presidents)

v. Election of Executive Committee including 2 seats reserved for women

vi. Election of other positions e.g. auditors

N.B. Only delegates from branches that are affiliated to Sheffield Trade Union Council for 2015

may vote at the above AGM. Visitors/observers are welcome to attend but do not have a vote.



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