STOP the Tories’ Trade Union Bill

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The government’s trade union bill threatens the basic right to strike. Together we can make the government rethink their plans. Join us and protect the right to strike


If this bill passes, the right to strike will be under threat. Ordinary workers won’t have any power to stand up to their bosses – even when they’re being unreasonable.

Frances O’Grady explains further in this short video.

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The Regulatory Policy Committee – an independent body appointed by the government which verifies the costs and savings of proposed changes to businesses and civil society – has today (Friday) slammed the government’s trade union proposals impact assessments as “red – not fit for purpose”.
21 August 2015
You can help spread the word by contacting your MP, local media, sticking up posters or distributing flyers. Together we can defeat the trade union bill and protect the right to strike. We’ve produced downloadable resources for unions and supporting groups to print and share. They’re Adobe PDF format files, with professional versions if you’re taking them to a print company to produce. You can download them individually below, or in one single ZIP file.
20 August 2015
​ Why should you get involved? We know that the public thinks the right to strike is important – and should be protected. All of us can raise the alarm about the threat to the right to strike. And together we can make the government rethink their plans and protect the right to strike. Join the national march and rally, Sunday 4 October 2015 As Conservative Party Conference meets in Manchester this year, thousands of trade union members and supporters will march through the city, taking a clear…
13 August 2015
This autumn, MPs and peers will discuss the trade union bill – which threatens the basic right to strike. For the first time, employers will be able to break strikes by bringing in agency workers to cover for strikers. This could have big safety implications, lead to worse public services, and will undermine the right to strike. And bill proposes huge restrictions on peaceful picketing and protests. Striking workers will have to tell their employer all their plans – including what they will…
13 August 2015
Commenting on a letter signed by scores of academics which describes the Trade Union Bill as the most sustained attack on workers’ rights since the early 19th century, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “It’s clear that the government’s Trade Union Bill threatens the right to strike.
11 August 2015
TUC Assistant General Secretary Paul Nowak said: “If payroll payment for union membership was outdated, it would not be popular with so many of the UK’s biggest and most successful private companies. The public will see this for what it really is – yet another attack on union members from a government that is determined to rebalance power in the workplace so that workers lose their voice and their rights. And it goes hand-in-hand with new proposals that threaten the right to strike. Instead of…
06 August 2015
The government’s Trade Union Bill wants to empower “A Minister of the Crown” to cap the time and resources available to union reps in the public and private sectors sector to represent their members effectively. Yet growing awareness of the impacts of climate change on our daily lives has spurred union reps and members to explore new ways to “green” their workplace. Just as unionised workplaces offer better pay and safer working conditions , so through employee engagement there is an added Union Effect in greening the workplace. Now the government wants to change all that. Read on…
04 August 2015
Bill exposes government’s strike hypocrisy If the government was really concerned about the harm to the economy caused by lost working days, it would be addressing the scourge of work-related ill-health not the by comparison tiny impact of strikes, the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has said. Following the publication of the Trade Union Bill, STUC general secretary Grahame Smith said: “This Bill starts from the false premise that unions are bad and their activities need to be curtailed…
24 July 2015