1000 DEATHS A DAY IN UK: Sheffield TUC CV-19 Council of Action PRESS RELEASE

Saturday 11th April 2020

 Highest daily death toll in Europe – more than Italy or Spain

True figure even higher – only hospital deaths included

Trend is upwards, possibly for weeks

Government can’t say how many doctors and nurses have died


We say:

“The Government has definitely NOT taken the right measures at the right time”

  •  STILL no PPE! BMA, Doctors in UNITE and Nurses Union all confirm
  • Government slow to act – wasted time with “herd immunity” theory
  • UK unprepared for the crisis – NHS already underfunded and overstretched BEFORE the pandemic
  • Government ignored warning from 2016 to prepare for a pandemic
  • TESTING is a complete shambles – we lag behind almost all other nations


We say:

“Don’t blame us. We ARE staying at home. We instruct the Government to:

Provide PPE to all front-line staff, not just health workers

TEST TEST TEST! If Germany and South Korea can do it, so must we!


Note for editors


Sheffield Trade Union Council has led a call for trades unions, health professionals, campaign groups and others to come together in collaboration to form the Sheffield TUC CV-19 Council of Action.


For comment/interview would editors please initially contact:

  • Martin Mayer, Secretary Sheffield Trades Council on 07761078482
  • Bob Jeffery President Sheffield Trades Council on 07714 760672


We shall shortly be providing contact details for others particularly for specialist comment e.g. health professionals, emergency services etc.


A Facebook page has been launched: Sheffield TUC CV-19 Council of Action.


A comprehensive statement of our aims and a list of demands has been drawn up


We shall be issuing frequent press statements with comment and analysis and launching social media campaigns on key issues


Our top demand is TEST TEST TEST! And then trace, isolate and treat. This is the only proven way to get on top of the virus and protect our communities