7th September 2023

Sheffield TUC has expelled Simon Murch with immediate effect, following his admission of guilt to a charge of rape of a child under the age of thirteen, at Stoke on Trent Crown Court on Monday 4th September. This Trades Council had previously suspended Simon Murch, pending the outcome of legal proceedings.

We are shocked and appalled that a leading member of the trade union movement in Sheffield has committed such a serious and despicable crime. Simon Murch was a Joint Branch Secretary of Sheffield & District NEU branch representing thousands of teachers across the city, an elected member of the NEU National Executive Committee, and until this week a delegate to Sheffield TUC and a member of our Executive Committee. He has shamed us all and betrayed the trust of thousands of union members.

Sheffield TUC has always been a strong voice in opposition to violence against women and girls, including sexual violence, and has always championed gender equality, women’s rights and respect for women and children. Simon Murch by his actions has flouted those values with utter contempt.

Our thoughts are with the victim in this case, a young child who has suffered a terrible ordeal and will now have to deal with the consequent trauma. We also feel for the girl’s family and the pain and suffering they are all going through. We hope and trust they receive the support and counselling they need.

Simon Murch’s actions have also caused hurt to others. As an (until now) highly respected teacher of young children at Monteney Primary School, the shock and revulsion felt by the children, their parents and the teachers at the school will be huge.

We are grateful to Staffordshire Police for their swift and efficient action in arresting Simon Murch within days of his crime being reported and bringing him to justice.

On behalf of Sheffield TUC we extend our deep sorrow to all those affected by Simon Murch’s crime and that someone of such influence in the trade union movement could betray us all in such a truly shocking manner.


Martin Mayer, Secretary                                                         Bob Jeffery, President


On behalf of Sheffield TUC Executive Committee