Sheffield Supertram Strike 9th and 12th July

Sheffield Supertram Strike 9th and 12th July


Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise says “Pay up now!”


City Trade Unions to rally behind UNITE members

fighting for decent pay


Sheffield Trade Union Council today pledged its full support for UNITE members at Sheffield Supertram fighting for a proper pay rise, as strikes are poised to go ahead in protest at a “derisory” 26p per hour pay rise.


“We will make sure Sheffield Supertram workers will not stand alone next week” said Martin Mayer, Secretary of Sheffield Trade Union Council. UNITE members voted 91% in favour of strike action in a legal postal ballot. Last week they overwhelmingly rejected the Stagecoach’s latest offer, which was described as “derisory” by UNITE.


“Supertram workers, like other public transport workers, have an incredibly difficult job to do, bearing high responsibility for very little reward, working shift work and weekends, and putting the safety of their passengers first at all times. Stagecoach plc is a highly profitable multinational company and it’s time they paid up”, said Martin Mayer.


Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise Campaign was set up to draw critical attention to failure of Sheffield employers to raise pay for their workers. Sheffield Supertram is a profitable company owned by Stagecoach, a highly successful multinational company. After years of below inflation pay rises, SNAP says to Supertram “Supertram workers can’t afford another below inflation pay rise. You CAN afford to pay an above inflation pay rise – so do it!” SNAP maintains that the local economy cannot continue on the basis of declining real wages which is causing real hardship across working class communities.


Wages for public transport workers have slumped since privatisation and deregulation hit the country under the Tories in 1986. Bus services have been cut, fares have risen way above inflation and millions of public funding have disappeared into shareholders back pockets. “Private companies like Stagecoach have made millions on the backs of local taxpayers, the passengers and their workers” said Martin Mayer


Trade unionists are welcome to join the UNITE picket line outside the Nunnery Road tram depot from first shift on Monday 9th July and Thursday 12th July to show their support. Please bring your banners. Messages of support can be sent to the UNITE Supertram Branch via UNITE Full Time Officer Steve Clark by email to


UNITE’s press release is attached  Unite Press Release – Supertram strike 9th 12th July 2018