New Union Organiser for Sheffield


Sheffield TUC and BFAWU launch full-time post to organise low paid workers


Monday 6th January 2020

 Today Monday 6th January 2020 our new Union Organiser Rohan Kon starts essential work bringing the message of trade unionism to thousands of low-paid, exploited workers in Sheffield.

Sheffield TUC and BFAWU (otherwise known as the Bakers’ Union) have again joined forces to combat low pay, zero hours contracts, precarious contracts and bogus self-employment, which are all too prevalent across our city. Roughly 25% of all jobs in our city fall into this category and the only way out for thousands of mainly young workers is to join a trade union, take strike action and fight back against bad employers. That’s why we are jointly funding a new Sheffield Union Organiser post -but this time on a full-time contract.

“Low pay, poor employment conditions, plus bullying and harassment by bad employers, only exist because workers have not yet joined up together in a trade union to fight back” said Martin Mayer Secretary of Sheffield TUC. “The message needs to go out loud and clear – we are not putting up with it any more – we are joining a trade union!” he said. Sheffield TUC and BFAWU will be helping workers across the city to form a trade union, make demands on the employer and prepare for strike action if necessary.

Sheffield TUC’s SHEFFIELD NEEDS A PAY RISE! Campaign has already exposed the scale of low pay and exploitation in our city and that real rates of pay have declined to 2004 levels. Furthermore, evidence shows most employers CAN pay more – they just don’t because they don’t have to. Low wage costs mean bigger profits! Trade unions play a vital role in the economy by regulating wage rates, protecting workers from exploitation and ensuring profits are distributed fairly.

In April 2019, BFAWU and Sheffield TUC appointed a new Sheffield Organiser for the first time. Jack Pearson was employed on a part-time short term contract and did great work meeting workers and beginning to organise them. He has now moved on to a full time job with a major trade union and we wish him well. Our new appointment, Rohan Kon will be employed full-time and with her considerable organising experience we know she will make a great job of it, picking up from where Jack left off, as well as taking on some new initiatives of her own.

“The message to all low paid workers is clear” said Martin Mayer “join a trade union!” Any workers who want to discuss how to do this and get help organising should get in touch with Sheffield TUC in the first instance by emailing or sending a message on our Sheffield TUC Facebook Page



For more information, please contact Martin Mayer Secretary on 0776 1078482