Louise Haigh MP launches petition against fracking in Sheffield

On Tuesday the Government announced that they have issued licenses which will fire the starting gun on the fracking process in an area covering up to 1,000 square miles nationwide, including here in Sheffield. 

I, like many residents in Sheffield, am dismayed that the Tories have chosen to press ahead with their dash for shale gas despite serious environmental and public health concerns and flying in the face of deep public unease.

That’s why i’ve launched a petition calling for a halt to fracking which you can sign here www.louisehaigh.org.uk/fracking_petition. 

An area covering a large part of the Sheffield Heeley constituency is one of those up for exploration. Shockingly, this proposed area falls within both the 10km and 1km buffer zones designed to protect Special Areas of Conservation. This will raise real fears that in their dash for shale gas, the Government will cast aside regulations designed to preserve our beloved countryside to the West.

You can read more here www.louisehaigh.org.uk/fracking.

I will oppose any fracking in our constituency and the surrounding countryside until the dubious health and safety record of the fracking industry has been properly assessed and that fracking itself is proved beyond doubt to be safe for the environment and the public.

Please do sign this petition and share as widely as possible www.louisehaigh.org.uk/fracking_petition. 

Best wishes,

Louise Haigh
Member of Parliament for Sheffield Heeley