ITF Solidarity

5 December 2014

Dear Martin,

Solidarity: South Yorkshire Freedom Riders Victory Rally, 8 December 2014, Sheffield

We are writing in solidarity with you and all the unions, organisations and members of the public who have demonstrated such resilience and strength in fighting injustice in South Yorkshire. By taking direct action in response to cuts to concessionary travel on local public transport by boarding trains and refusing to pay, the people of South Yorkshire have come together to reject government attacks on pensioners and disabled people. What’s more, you have stood shoulder to shoulder with George Arthur and Tony Nuttall, forcing the CPS to drop all charges.

The rally is undoubtedly a victory rally for the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders. But more than that, it represents a victory for the men and women of this country who are standing up to the government’s austerity agenda. On behalf of the 4.6 million transport workers represented by 717 unions in 150 countries, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) congratulates the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders and we fully support the victory rally.

This victory shows what we can achieve when we work together. It gives us yet more hope for the

future. We are fully behind the campaign to restore free travel for older and disabled people in South Yorkshire and this victory fills us with confidence that we will achieve it.

In the face of constant attacks, we must strive to continue to support each other and make sure we win at the local, national and international level.

In solidarity,

Mac Urata

Section Secretary

ITF Inland Transport Sections

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