Diary of Events – Autumn 2021

Wednesday 13th October Sheffield Save Our NHS online public meeting

7pm Zoom link for the meeting is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89489246346?pwd=SXlUV3VpbUREVDdROHROR01aenIzZz09

Meeting ID: 894 8924 6346    Passcode: 411657


 Bad for Patients – Bad for NHS Staff –

That’s the verdict on the Tory Government’s Health and Care Bill which threatens another disastrous reorganisation of the NHS. Using the cloak of the pandemic, the Bill will break up the NHS in England into 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s) affecting both patients and staff. Sheffield Save Our NHS is therefore holding an online public meeting on Wednesday October 13th at 7pm to explain and mobilise against the Bill. There will be speakers from Keep Our NHS Public and Nurses United and NHS Worker Say No!

The reorganisation could remove decision-making even further away from any local democratic accountability at the same time as opening the door for further privatisation and bigger profits for private companies, who have already made £billions out of the Covid-19 crisis. At the same time, staff may face the destruction of national terms and conditions. The Bill will do nothing to solve the real problems of the NHS – lack of resources and staff.

Thursday 14th October Greet the Spanish walkers for Climate Justice

9am to 10am outside Town Hall Sheffield. Meet the Spanish walkers who will stop by in Sheffield on their marathon walk for climate justice from Spain to Glasgow!

Assemble from 9am outside Sheffield Town Hall to give them a good send off as they set off to Barnsley. Short speeches and lots of cheering!


Thursday 14th October SARAG AGM

11am -1pm Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row  South Yorkshire and Humberside Asbestos Support Group

If you are unable to attend in person then we will also be providing an option to attend over Zoom, we hope that this will enable everyone who wishes to attend the opportunity

to do so. Contact us by email: enquiries@saragasbestossupport.org and we will provide further details and send out a Zoom link

Wednesday 20th October “Why we need to resist the new drive to war”

7pm. Sheffield Stop the War online public meeting with Chris Nineham STW national office and Kate Hudson CND Chair https://www.facebook.com/STWSheffield

“Twenty years ago, we set up the Stop the War Coalition.  We opposed the war on terror, which has brought wars to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.  The chaotic cut and run from Afghanistan has exposed a deep crisis in Western foreign policy. And yet the British establishment is now prepared to squander an extra £24 billion and an extra 40% increase in the number of nuclear warheads.

A new military agreement between Australia the UK, and US, AUKUS has been signed.  The deal includes plans to set up an Australian nuclear powered submarine fleet. Talk of a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’ is a thinly disguised threat to China’s influence in the region. We have to oppose this deal and our increasingly warmongering government.

Want to find out more? Come along to the online meeting and help to organise resistance to the new drive to war.  Please share.”


Thursday 21st October Better Buses online meeting with Council Leaders

6pm-6.45pm Use this link to register on Eventbrite (free) to attend the public meeting: https://betterbusessy.eventbrite.co.uk

We want the 4 leaders to support the campaign for public control of buses. We have organised an online meeting to which the 4 council leaders are invited to hear why we need meaningful change and why they should pass a motion supporting public control at their next council meeting.

We need to put pressure on the leaders to attend the meeting – so please use the link below to send an email to your own council leader (and the councillor responsible for transport and environment if you wish) urging them to come.  If you can add personal details of poor experiences of bus services, please do so.  There is guidance on the link on what you might include but if you can make it personal this might increase the effectiveness.

Email Action to ask leaders to pass the motion and attend the meeting: https://weownit.org.uk/ask-your-council-leader-to-back-better-buses


Friday 22nd October “The Ant and the Caterpillar”

7.30pm Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, 10 Saint James’ Street, S1 2EW and also available as a flexible online viewing option to ensure the film is accessible for everyone.

The Global Climate Justice Summit will be ‘kicked off’ on Friday 22nd October with a film screening of ‘The Ants and the Grasshopper’

“Anita Chitaya has a gift; she can help bring abundant food from dead soil, she can make men fight for gender equality, and she can end child hunger in her village. Now, to save her home from extreme weather, she faces her greatest challenge: persuading Americans that climate change is real. Traveling from Malawi to California to the White House, she meets climate sceptics and despairing farmers. Her journey takes her across all the divisions shaping the US, from the rural-urban divide, to schisms of race, class and gender, to the thinking that allows Americans to believe we live on a different planet from everyone else. It will take all her skill and experience to persuade us that we’re all in this together.”

This documentary, ten years in the making, weaves together the most urgent themes of our times: climate change, gender and racial inequality, the gaps between the rich and the poor, and the ideas that groups around the world have generated in order to save the planet.”

Eventbrite for the in person screening:


Eventbrite for the online screening:

For this option a link to watch the film will be sent to your email address on 22nd October 2021. The film can be watched from 6pm (GMT+1) on that day and will be available for the whole of the weekend until 23:59pm 24th October 2021. This option has a donation suggestion of £3.50.


Trailer for the film: https://vimeo.com/569924110

Saturday 23rd October Sheffield Climate Justice online Summit

10am to 4pm Saturday 23rd October marks the main day of workshops and talks for Sheffield’s Global Climate Justice Summit. This will be taking place at Sheffield Quaker Meeting house, S1 2EW from 10am-4pm.


Eventbrite link for the event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sheffield-global-climate-justice-summit-talks-workshops-discussions-tickets-180146682577?fbclid=IwAR0S2kRvASkh9j6tiy8fDPN1iwaR38BcQvVseLAmONOpW7MLodUsMtzB4_4


Saturday 23rd October 2021 “Building resistance against council cuts”

11am to 1pm, Leeds TUC is organising an anti-cuts conference. Supported by the West Yorkshire Association of TU Councils.

Topic: Leeds TUC’s anti-cuts Zoom Meeting. Time: Oct 23, 2021 11.00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 814 3575 6069     Passcode: 307683

Local government is suffering a new phase of cuts. Councils face an unprecedented financial crisis because of ten years of cuts and the failure of the government to provide funding necessary to cover the financial impact of the pandemic.

In Leeds, there have been major cuts. For the last budget this includes:

  • an increase in Council Tax of 1.99%;
  • an increase of 2.99% in the Adult Social Care precept;
  • 791 job losses;
  • the closure of two care homes; and
  • the closure of a day centre.

As trade unionists, we view cuts to Council services as an attack on Council workers, including those directly employed and outsourced workers. It is also an attack on the working class, who rely directly on Council services.

We are sending invites to other TUCs and trade union bodies in Yorkshire. Please share it with other trade unionists and community campaigns you know.”

The purpose of the conference is to:

  • Hear from those in struggle, including trade union and community campaigns, to build confidence across the movement in building resistance against cuts.
  • Share experiences across different areas with the hope of organising joint actions and campaigns.
  • Build links with local groups to strengthen current and future campaigns.
  • Explore what trade union branches and community campaigns can actually do to challenge cuts.
  • Explore how trade union branches need to work together to effectively challenge cuts.
  • Understanding what research has been done and needs to be done to support action, for example reviews of council debt and finances.


Saturday 23rd October “No to Cold War – China is not our enemy”

11am International Peace Forum. “We are bringing together speakers from 9 countries from across Europe, China, the US and the Global South to discuss why the US-led new cold war against China is against the interests of all of humanity and why Europe should not go along with this aggression.” Speakers include Yanis Varoufakis, former Finance Minister of Greece; Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND, Britain; Maite Mola, Vice-President European Left Party, Spain and others.

Register now for No Cold War’s International Peace Forum here on Eventbrite. See website https://nocoldwar.org/ for details. You can sign the statement here:  https://nocoldwar.org/signatories/new


Saturday 6th November COP26 Sheffield March for Global Climate Justice

Assemble Devonshire green at 12 noon for a march at 1pm through Sheffield City Centre to Barkers Pool out side the City Hall. From 2pm there will be music, theatre, stalls and some speeches followed by a link up at 3pm with global protests via 2 large screens. Bring your banners! Make your own placards! PS We are looking for stewards to help marshal the event.