“Removing all restrictions was reckless” says Sheffield TUC


1000 covid deaths per week is NOT “acceptable”


U.K. case rate is far higher than other major European countries

Source: Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg

and vaccination rate is now lagging behind Germany, France, Spain etc.

The UK has the second-highest Covid-19 case rate in the world

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE

Sheffield TUC today joins calls from health experts, trade unions and others for the Government to do a U-turn on the removal of all restrictions to combat the spread of Coronavirus. “This pandemic is not over yet” said Martin Mayer Secretary of Sheffield TUC. “We have the highest infection rate in Europe (apart from Romania) and daily cases are rising – and expected to rise even more as winter approaches”.

“We always said removing all restrictions back on 19th July was reckless,” said Martin Mayer. “No other European Government followed the UK’s lead – and now the UK is the ‘sick man’ of Europe” he continued.

“CORONAVIRUS deaths have been consistently running at around 1000 deaths a week – and many experts expect that to rise. This is definitely NOT acceptable,” said Martin Mayer. “The Government is literally playing with peoples’ lives in order to keep the economy open. Yet some simple restrictions and precautions being reintroduced could have a major impact on combating the virus without closing down the economy. If we leave it too late to react, then another lockdown will be inevitable – which would be disastrous,” said Martin Mayer

The Government’s message to the population is that the danger of infection is over as long we get vaccinated. That’s why so many people do not wear masks or take other precautions. Even self-isolation is now seen by many as less important than it was. What many people don’t realise is that our major European competitors have been more cautious and so have succeeded in combating the virus much more effectively than in the UK.

The U.K. has also lagged behind in rolling out the vaccines to adolescents. The delay meant most older children weren’t offered a vaccine until the school year had started, and they’re now seeing the highest levels of infection in the population. High infection rates in schools not only impact on children’s education but provide the source for the spread of the virus to parents, grandparents and the wider community. Whilst ever the virus is allowed to spread, the danger of new more dangerous variants emerging is ever present….


Martin Mayer can be contacted on 0776 107 8482

Sheffield TUC has worked closely with Sheffield Community Contact Tracers who are expressing the same concerns. Sheffield TUC Executive Committee member Carrie Hedderwick is also a volunteer with SCCT and can be contacted on 0753 107 9268. We wholly endorse the letter sent by SCCT to Greg Fell (see below)

Open Letter from SCCT to Greg Fell Sheffield Director of Public Health expressing concern at the ongoing rise in cases and the need to implement appropriate measures now

“Dear Greg,

It is clear that the relaxation in Covid restrictions has led to a substantial continuous increase in Covid cases in the Sheffield area (source Zoe website and App, and the Government data-sheffield). This is bad for the health of the people and bad for our hospitals being overwhelmed both by new infections and by further exacerbating the problem through hospital transmission.

We also note that Directors of Public Health in other parts of the country are urging the readoption of preventive measures

Some of our community contacts are also asking for discussions about anxiety when going out

We at Sheffield Community Contact Tracers (SCCT) are deeply concerned by these trends and ask that a return to sensible restrictions in the city is implemented with immediate effect. These would include :

  • Compulsory wearing of face masks in all enclosed public spaces
  • Wearing of face masks on public transport
  • A wider implementation of regular lateral flow testing in the public facing workforce
  • Working from home

And of particularly great importance in our experience:

  • An ongoing visible human fronted publicity campaign to raise awareness of the crisis in our streets and centres; particularly in
  • Support for those who need to isolate.

You are aware that we at SCCT are prepared to do our part..’

Yours sincerely



Jack Czauderna (on behalf of)

Sheffield Community Contact Tracers.