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Sheffield TUC motion on Nicaragua

The following motion was passed at the Sheffield TUC Delegate Meeting on 24th July 2018 This Sheffield Trades Council wishes to send our support to our brothers and sisters within the trade union movement in Nicaragua. We denounce the attempts

Diary of Events September- October 2018 Including Vision Sheffield festival events

Tuesday 18th September “Nae Pasaran!” film at The Showroom 1830hrs start Chile Coup 45th anniversary event In 1974, factory workers in Scotland refused to repair jet engines from the Chilean Air Force in protest against Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship. The workers

“Spirit of 1868” Banner Theater in Sheffield Monday 24th September

Sheffield TUC is once again hosting a stunning Banner Theatre production at Sheffield Trades and Labour Club on Monday evening 24th September. “The Spirit of 1868” is their newest production specially commissioned to mark the 150th anniversary of the TUC

Funding launch for Sheffield Area Union Organiser

Appeal launched to union branches, other organisations and individuals to help create £10,000 initial fund  Sheffield TUC has pledged £4000 in a brand new funding drive to recruit a specialist union organiser for the Sheffield area. This new role will

Sheffield Supertram Strike 9th and 12th July

Sheffield Supertram Strike 9th and 12th July * Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise says “Pay up now!” * City Trade Unions to rally behind UNITE members fighting for decent pay   Sheffield Trade Union Council today pledged its full support

Say Goodbye to PFI!

Subject: Bye Bye PFI Hi Martin – You may not have heard of ‘PFI’ but it’s had a big impact on workers, public service users and taxpayers. Click the image below to watch our video explainer and find out why we’re calling

WE OWN IT! Sign petition to take water back into public ownership

If you live in England, every time you turn on the tap, you’re lining the pockets of the privatised water companies and their shareholders. But the tide is turning! Across the world, communities are taking back control of water – and

Diary of Events July 2018

Sunday 1st July Ceilidh with Well-Dressed Band – Sheffield-Esteli Society 7pm Broomspring Centre, Broomspring Lane Sheffield S10 2FD. £8 on the door. See flyer attached SHEFFIELD ESTELI SOCIETY PUBLIC meeting 10 July 2018   Tuesday 3rd July, Sheffield Needs a

Stand Up to Racism – major statement against far right

Major statement launched to oppose far right in Britain Read the statement in The Guardian here, sign the statement here Join the protests on 13 July against Trump and 14 July against the far right Public meeting with Diane Abbott MP on Saturday 23 June here Over

ETUC statement on the European refugees and asylum seekers emergency

ETUC statement on the European refugees and asylum seekers emergency, and on integration of migrants in European labour markets and society ETUC Executive Committee at its meeting in Sofia on Monday 25th June 2018 adopted this statement. The European Trade Union